Tommy Dorsey : Trombonology (Arranged for 8 Piece Swing Band)

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For the full description of this work, please refer to our 17-piece Swing Band arrangement of this work

This was the second opportunity for the Director of Undiscovered Brass – Mark Leigh, to “put his money where his mouth is”, and demonstrate that at least one of his arrangements can be played (by Mark himself playing it!)

Some of you may have noticed that Trombonology is not in keeping with the style of playing that Tommy Dorsey was most associated with ie ballad style, and we have 2 theories as to why Tommy may have composed this piece:-
Theory 1) Someone may have challenged Tommy that all he could play was “slushy ballads” ! If this was the case, then Tommy may have been determined to prove them wrong, which he certainly achieved, and this would justify this theory
Theory 2) Although Tommy and Frank Sinatra had what we suspect was something of a Father and Son relationship owing to their age separation, it may have been the case that a little rivalry developed along the way. If this was the case, Tommy may have thought something like “I know how I can fix Frank, I’ll compose something that he can’t sing”! If this was indeed the case, then Frank would certainly have been “fixed” by Tommy!
This performance was recorded at the Longton Rugby Club in Stoke on Trent on 23rd Aug 2017 before a packed, and appreciative audience of dedicated swing band followers with the Debonaires swing band under the direction of Max Debon.
We have to apologise, but due to some technical sound issues on the night of this performance, that the sound balance between Mark and the band were not quite right , but we hope you get "The Flavour" of this piece!!

Mark Plays with a Conn 88H and Denis Wick 6BL mouthpiece, which although the purists will argue that this is the wrong instrumentation for this piece, Mark considers that this gives him a unique take on how this piece can be performed.
No. of Players : 8 Difficulty : Difficult Arranged by : Max Debon & Mark Leigh
Download sample file : Click here
In most cases, this is the arrangment being played back using the Sibelius video export facility, but in some cases this is an actual performance by groups commissioned by Undiscovered Brass to actually perform the arrangment.
Trombonology (Arranged for 8 Piece Swing Band)
This is a performance of the music in its original form, which is there as a guide to help the Brass group perform this arrangment if they decide to purchase the arrangment.
Trombonology (Arranged for 8 Piece Swing Band)
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