Bellini : Casta Diva from the Opera Norma (Arranged for Brass quintet)

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This Aria from the Opera Norma is one of the most famous Arias of the nineteenth century. The Role of Norma who sings this Aria was performed by the famous soprano Maria Callas who was the most prolific Norma.
Norma is perhaps the archetypal bel canto opera, a style of singing that flourished in Italy in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Its main features are beauty of tone, legato phrasing, and the delivery of florid ornamentation.
In our arrangement, the solo line has been split mainly between the French horn and 2 trumpets, but all the ensemble get including the tuba get to play the solo line at some stage.
No. of Players : 5 Difficulty : Fairly Easy Arranged by : Mark Leigh
Download sample file : Click here
In most cases, this is the arrangment being played back using the Sibelius video export facility, but in some cases this is an actual performance by groups commissioned by Undiscovered Brass to actually perform the arrangment.
Casta Diva from the Opera Norma (Arranged for Brass quintet)
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