Beethoven : Moonlight Sonata 1st movement (Arranged for Brass quintet)

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This was composed in 1801. This Sonata is one of the most popular piano sonatas from Beethoven’s creation. It is also named The Moonlight Sonata by poet Ludwig Rellstab who, in 1832, had this inspiration on a moon lit night on the banks of the Lucerna River. Some biographers make the connection between the unshared love the composer held for Giulietta Guicciardi and the sonorities of the first part, and, this sonata was dedicated to Giulietta, the musical theme of the first part being borrowed from a German ballad. Other people have attributed the 1st movement to the feelings the composer had while witnessing the premature death of a close friend.
Our arrangement has been set in C minor only 1 semitone away from its original C sharp minor which we think helps to retain the mood of the original. To provide interest, the semiquaver accompaniment has been distributed in some places so that a different player plays each sequential note, or in others where one player plays a group of thee semiquavers followed by a different player playing the next group of 3.
No. of Players : 5 Difficulty : Fairly Easy Arranged by : Mark Leigh
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In most cases, this is the arrangment being played back using the Sibelius video export facility, but in some cases this is an actual performance by groups commissioned by Undiscovered Brass to actually perform the arrangment.
Moonlight Sonata 1st movement (Arranged for Brass quintet)
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