JS Bach : Preludio from Partita No.3 for solo violin, BWV 1006 (arranged for Brass quintet)

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This is one of the often used "showpieces" for the virtuosi violin player. In fact, this is one of the first pieces that the famous virtuoso Sarasate recorded at the beginning of the 20th century (when recording music first became possible).

Bach appears to have been especially pleased by this movement so much so that he transcribed it both for lute (BWV 1006a) and for orchestra with organ obligato.

For our project, we would consider this as one of our "flagship" arrangements for the simple reason that it is the most unlikely or most "unexpected" arrangement that anyone would ever conceive could be attempted by a brass ensemble.

Technically although we have made our utmost effort to make this as playable as possible, we would still class this as very difficult- one of the most difficult in our library. The difficulty is not for all the players but mainly for the trombone and 1st trumpet players who get to play all k has been arranged such that no one player gets to play much more than a handful of contiguous semiquavers even though the work consists almost entirely of semiquavers, so the original violin part is played mainly by 2 but occasionally by 3 players when the pitch range requires this. We have added additional harmony to back the "tune" which is intended both to add listenability as well as to back up the violin part.
No. of Players : 5 Difficulty : Very difficult Arranged by : Mark Leigh
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In most cases, this is the arrangment being played back using the Sibelius video export facility, but in some cases this is an actual performance by groups commissioned by Undiscovered Brass to actually perform the arrangment.
Preludio from Partita No.3 for solo violin, BWV 1006 (arranged for Brass quintet)
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