Mark Leigh : Long note exercise for F change Trombone or 4 valve Euphonium in Bb

Product Code : Leigh_10
This is a suggested daily long notes exercise .We should emphasize that this should be adapted for your individual requirements, and you should not just read this as a hard and fast suggestion of what long notes you should play each day, but instead, use this as a "template" to develop your own practice regime.
The main stipulation, is that for each note, you exhale THE ENTIRE CONTENTS of your lungs for each note - even, if possible the very high notes.
If you are new to long note exercise, then don't expect to play anything like a 5 octave range, but you should consider this as a goal!
We recommend regular lip buzzing without a mouthpiece, and the use of a stratos embouchure system
No. of Players : 1 Difficulty : Very difficult Arranged by :
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