Rimsky Korsakov : Dance of the tumblers from the Snow Maiden (Arranged for Brass quintet)

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The Snow Maiden , is an opera in four acts composed during 1880-1881. The Russian libretto, by the composer, is based on the like-named play by Alexander Ostrovsky with incidental music by Tchaikovsky.
The first performance of this opera took place at the Mariinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg on 29 January 1882. it was later revised to become the edition known today. It remained the composer's favourite work.
The synopsis of the opera is based on the opposition of eternal forces of nature and involves the interactions of mythological characters (Frost, Spring, Wood-Sprite), real people (Kupava, Mizgir), and those in-between, i.e., half-mythical, half-real (Snow Maiden, Lel, Berendey). The composer tried to distinguish each group of characters musically. He characterized the townspeople particularly with folk melodies.
The famous Dance of the tumblers or dance of the buffoons as it is sometimes called takes place in act 3 of the opera, and is performed by minstrels in a forest clearing at the request of the benign Tsar Berendey.
This is a fantastic composition and in our view this piece should be seriously considered for use in a concert programme by the more adventurous ensembles out there.
Technically unfortunately, despite our best endeavours to create an uncompromised arrangement of this masterpiece, we have to class it as very difficult. The trombone has the easiest part but it still plays a crucial role in our arrangement. The horn part is perhaps the most demanding since this plays some of the fast runs played by the violas in the original composition.
No. of Players : 5 Difficulty : Very difficult Arranged by : Mark Leigh
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In most cases, this is the arrangment being played back using the Sibelius video export facility, but in some cases this is an actual performance by groups commissioned by Undiscovered Brass to actually perform the arrangment.
Dance of the tumblers from the Snow Maiden (Arranged for Brass quintet)
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